Why Seniors Should Live in Our Retirement Home in Stoneham, MA

We highly encourage the elderly to stay at our retirement home in Stoneham, MA. You can find fulfillment and joy at FULLER HOUSE OF STONEHAM, and you can visit wonderful places in our lovely town.

Located in center of town with in walking distance to live theatre, quality restaurants, retail, restored town commons, only 10 miles from Boston, we are a 501c organization.

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History of Stoneham

Stoneham is a residential suburban area located less than 10 miles to the northwest of Boston. About one-third of its community is within the Metropolitan District Commission, Middlesex Fells Reservation, and Spot Pond. The area was initially named “Charlestown End” by early American explorers and populated by farmers.
After the first settlement of 1645, the residential growth became slow. In 1725, when the taxable male population reached 65, the General Court was requested to allow Stoneham to become a separate town, therefore breaking away from Charlestown. The petition was granted on December 17 that year, and one week later, Stoneham’s first town meeting was held.
The major roadway construction linking Medford to Andover in 1806 led to a shift of the town center from the Summer and Pleasant Street area to what is now the modern Main Street. During the beginning of the Federal Period (1775-1830), the local economy was still mainly based on agriculture but witnessed the introduction of goods in small shops scattered throughout the community. In the 1830s, central shops were established, often in conjunction with a general store.
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In 1833, the public stagecoach line linking North Reading to Boston began to pass through Stoneham on the Medford to Andover Turnpike, which improved transportation. Gradually, the farmlands located within the Turnpike corridor were subdivided to develop homes for shopkeepers, shoemakers, carpenters, and other artisans. In 1840, churches were built, and in the 1850s, the Stoneham Savings Bank and John Hill’s Factory were constructed on Main Street.
The Industrial Revolution brought economic growth and commerce to Stoneham. Over time, the home shoemaking industry became absorbed into more than 40 shoe manufacturing plants. Today, one only needs to look at the Town Seal to see the significance of shoe manufacturing, tanneries, and box factories in Stoneham.
The 20th century brought more progress, transportation services, and demand for carpenters and other artisans to build homes. As the shoe industry went into decline, it soon rose again due to the arrival of E.L. Patch Company, which was the town’s largest employer and a manufacturer of pharmaceuticals.
Stoneham also became the “Detroit of the East” with an expanding auto manufacturing industry. Only a major fire could change the course of history with the destruction of the factories and the plans.
It was also known as “The Friendly Town.” The community’s success was evident in the number of Olympic team members that came from Stoneham since the modern games had been introduced.
Now, Stoneham has established itself as a welcoming suburban community with low crime rates, exemplary schools, exceptional local services, and roadways linking in all directions. It is a wonderful place for people to live and locate their businesses.
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Live at Our Retirement Center

If you’re interested in joining our retirement community, let us know. You may contact us for more details. At FULLER HOUSE OF STONEHAM, we assure you that you’ll receive first-class elderly care services.